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Our Email Network: How It Works

Buy or Sell MSU Tickets

How to send an email to all of our 1,300+ members

We are happy to help you publicize your tickets for sale. Here's what you do...

Send an email to:

Include in your email:

  • EVENT (MSU football, basketball, hockey, Wharton Center performance, concert at MSU, etc.)
  • DATE of event
  • NUMBER OF TICKETS you are offering
  • LOCATION (Section, Row, etc.)
  • PRICE... This is REQUIRED information. Please note: You may not list your price as "best offer." Your asking price may not exceed Face Value, and may not include your "Scholarship Seating Gift" (MSU's fee for premium seats).
  • Your CONTACT INFO (How can the buyer reach you?)

If an effort to reduce the number of emails our members receive, we do not allow "follow-up" emails, such as,

  • "I reduced my price from my first email." If you will accept a lesser price, say your price is negotiable.
  • "My tickets sold so please stop calling me."

Please note:

You must send your email from the email account that is currently in our system. For example, if you receive our emails at your home email address, you must use your home email account to send an email to all our members.

To be added to our email network, send an email from the email address you wanted added. Send it to:

Please note

  1. The Downtown Coaches Club is not the ticket seller; we simply help publicize the availability of tickets. The Club does not broker tickets, become involved in the sale, become involved in disputes between the buyer and seller, or guarantee the validity of a ticket. The seller, not the Club, is solely responsible for any consequence arising from the transaction. In all instances, buyers purchase tickets at their own risk.

  2. We do not intentionally publicize a ticket being offered for a price above Face Value (the price printed on the ticket), nor do we permit a seller to include any portion of a premium seating fee (what MSU calls a "Scholarship Seating Gift") they may have paid to MSU.

    In Fall 2014, MSU started printing different prices on tickets for the same game, depending on where the seat is located within Spartan Stadium. This makes it impossible for us to verify what Face Value is for a particular seat. In all instances, buyers purchase tickets at their own risk (see #1 above).

  3. We do not send "tickets wanted" emails or similar "wanted" emails. We do not publicize tickets for other events (Detroit Lions, Tigers, Red Wings, Kentucky Derby, Indianapolis 500, etc.) unless the event is on the MSU campus or part of an MSU event.

  4. We do not use this email network to publicize that tickets are being offered elsewhere (on eBay, CraigsList, StubHub, etc.).

  5. Our email network is not intended to be used for commercial purposes, with the exception of members offering for sale game tickets, parking passes, etc.

  6. We reserve the right to edit or reject for any reason emails intended for distribution through our email network.
Having trouble receiving our emails?

A few people have told us they aren't receiving our emails, even though they THINK they are already in our email system. Here are some things to consider:

  1. When you ask us to be added to our email network, we have YahooGroups (our email network) send you an invitation to join. When you receive an email from YahooGroups, you need to hit their "I want to join this email network" button. If you ignore their invitation to join, or you do not take the required action, you won't be added.

  2. Another step you can take (if you want) is to send an email to:

  3. If your email system has some kind of Spam (junk email) Blocker that rejects emails from unknown senders (like, then YOU need to turn off the Blocker before any of this will take effect. We cannot turn off the Blocker for you; YOU need to do this on YOUR end. You might want to contact your email provider and discuss this with them. Perhaps they can help you turn off your Spam Blocker or help you check your Spam folder to see if the invitation to join from YahooGroups is sitting in there. If it is, then you know the problem rests with YOUR email system because it is treating YahooGroups emails as Spam.

  4. As a last resort, you might want to consider using a different email service. We highly recommend Gmail (a free service through We have had zero problems with people who use Gmail.